Health Insurance for Expats Living Abroad

Expats are those who decide to quit their country of origin and relocate to a different country, either for a long-term stay or even permanently. It can be due to a variety of reasons like work, nomadism or retirement. No matter the reason for being an expat, there’s one thing that’s universal to all expats across the globe and that’s health insurance.

If you need insurance for health care in the country of your choice is contingent on the country you’ve moved to. But, the majority of expats believe that having insurance for expats provides an additional layer of protection, and all should consider purchasing insurance that is appropriate for their needs.

Who Needs Expat Health Insurance?
You require health insurance when you’re planning to move to a different country and staying there for longer than 3 or 6 months. Certain states have made healthcare insurance mandatory for all residents, which means it is important to check the laws in your home country concerning health insurance.

What Does Expat Health Insurance Cover?
Health insurance for expats provides coverage for a variety of subjects that differ based depending on the type of policy you’re covered under and which insurance company you purchase your insurance(a standard policy will typically cover the following areas:

Hospital visits (in-patient or out-patient visits).
Consultations with a doctor.
Cancer screenings.
Tools and medical equipment.
Adolescent and child well-being.
To get more comprehensive protection, such as dental, vision, as well as pregnancy care, you might be required to buy an insurance plan that is more costly.

Are Pre-Existing Conditions Included?
If you have a basic plan pre-existing medical conditions are not usually covered by health insurance for expats. But, the benefit of universal coverage is the ability to modify your plan according to your specific needs. Additionally, you can add additional coverage to your plan that covers existing conditions.

Certain companies may also provide coverage for the most acute of pre-existing ailments, i.e., medical issues that suddenly surfaced due to medical conditions that were pre-existing.

Expat Health Insurance: Is It Worth It?
Insurance for health care in the country of expats is expensive and you may not require it while living abroad, and many doubt whether it’s worth the cost or not. The benefits are far greater than the negatives, and health insurance for expats in the long-term aspects is a good investment because:

It provides a sense of security. Even if you don’t make use of your health insurance plan while living abroad in a different nation It will give you peace of mind just in the event of. You can be assured that whatever may occur to your health, you’re covered.
This allows you to access health care services with healthcare in English. One of the most difficult aspects when you are an expat is getting medical care in English or another language you can understand making it difficult to communicate with your primary healthcare doctor. Health insurance for expatriates are able to access doctors who speak multiple languages.
It’s flexible. You can generally modify your insurance policy to suit your preferences. You could choose to add more protection, or opt out of coverage for items you might not require like pregnant. In this way, you will save money and get an affordable insurance plan that you require.
Expat Health Insurance Cost
Health insurance for expats does not have a set price and you can get expat health insurance ranging at $200 per month and going up to more than $2,000. The price can vary depending on a variety of variables like your age, duration of time in another country, the prior medical conditions, the insurance provider you buy your policy from, and the amount of coverage you’d like in your plan.

Another factor that can affect the cost of your international health plan is the area of residence. For instance, in certain nations, healthcare tends to cost more. consequently, your insurance is higher if you’re moving to one of them. However, you can customize your policy to provide coverage worldwide or exclude countries that have costly healthcare, even if you’re not intending to visit these countries.

How to Purchase Expat Health Insurance?
You can buy expat health insurance online prior to you leave on vacation, by using online marketplaces for comparison such as Insubuy and International Citizens Insurance which allow users to evaluate various plans before you choose one.

Simply provide your personal information (age or family members the place you want to be protected).
You’ll see the list of plans you can look through. Make sure you study the policies attentively to understand what they cover.
Pick the plans you think will best meet your requirements.
Click”Compare” or click on the “Compare” button. You will see the two plans presented side-by-side, and then you can review them in a an in-depth basis.
You are able to choose how you would like to pay and whether you want for payment on a year-long or monthly, quarterly or even a 6-month basis.

A health insurance policy can be purchased locally
It is also possible to wait until you arrive in your destination country and then purchase a plan through an local business. If that is the scenario, you must contact a company directly and review the alternatives. Be sure to go through the policy prior to purchasing.

But, prior to purchasing an insurance policy for expats make sure you check these things:

Are you covered by the national insurance plan for health? If you’re eligible for national health insurance, which is mandated by the federal government, you’ll likely require private health insurance to fill any gaps national insurance doesn’t cover such as treatments within private health facilities.

Does your employer provide health insurance? If you have the health insurance plan be sure to know the policy prior to signing to sign up. Being an international citizen, you’ll require a health insurance policy that covers you in other countries and also. Some plans may offer lower coverage than you would like or require (or greater). If the plan you are offered by your employer doesn’t meet your requirements, check how you can choose to opt-out, and select your own insurance.
Types of Expat Health Insurance

Here are a few of the most popular kinds of expat health insurance that you can pick from:

Individual plans. This kind of insurance policy is designed to protect only you as a single traveler.
Group/family plan. You can choose to purchase group coverage when you’re moving in with family members. This can be a cheaper option in the long run.
Short-term plan. A short-term insurance policy is ideal suitable for those who do not plan to live overseas for long.
Long-term plan. This policy is required when you are planning to make your move last more than six months, or even permanent.
Worldwide coverage. This kind of insurance will be useful in the event that you plan on traveling or living in several countries.
For How Long Is Expat Health Insurance Valid?
It is possible to purchase expat health insurance the duration of your stay however, it’s typically required for longer-term reasons. If you are staying in the country for less than six months, it is possible to think about purchasing temporary healthcare insurance or travel coverage that has large medical coverage.

How to Pick the Best Expat Health Insurance Plan?
The most suitable expat health insurance plan that is right for you is determined by the amount you can afford and your personal situation and where you intend on relocating to. However, here are some tips to consider when shopping for an expat health insurance plan:

Compare plans. There are a myriad of insurance policies available for expats on the market, and choosing one can be a daunting task. To help make the selection process simpler choose a site that offers comparative insurance and then compare different plans side-by -side to determine which matches your needs. You may also request your insurance agent to guide you to select the most suitable option for you.
Find legitimate insurance companies. Choose an insurance company which is specifically designed for expats, and offers plans that are specifically to them. If you decide to choose an insurance company, examine their claim record as well as the number of insurance claims that were submitted and how many were accepted. This will give you some idea as to whether or not your insurance claim will be denied and the reasons behind the decision to reject it.
Choose a deductible that is within your budget. In simple terms it is a sum you that you pay out of your pocket prior to when you are able to claim reimbursement from insurance. The higher your deductible, the lower will be your premium. It doesn’t mean that you need to choose the highest amount of deductible to reduce the cost of insurance. Review your budget and decide on a deductible that you can afford.
Choose a flexible plan. Choose an insurance policy that you can tailor to your requirements. For instance, you could remove excess coverage and opt to include coverage for any pre-existing medical illnesses if there are any. The option of modifying the plan to suit your requirements can help you to pick the right health insurance for expats.
Do US Expats Need Health Insurance?
Absolutely, US foreigners also require insurance for their health when they move to a foreign country. Insurance plans from the US will not cover you outside of the country. Even in the event that it does, your employer might only offer it for emergency situations.

Best Health Insurance Companies for Expats

Some of the top firms that provide international health insurance to expatriates include:

Cigna Global.
William Russell.

Expat Health Insurance by Country
If you’re considering setting up a new home in a foreign country home, you should know how to purchase the health coverage you need for people who are expats according to country:

Health insurance for expats within Costa Rica.
Health insurance for expats in Spain.
Expat health insurance plans in Mexico.
Health insurance for expats in Thailand.

Countries that have the best health care for expats.

Can Expats Qualify for Universal Healthcare?
Some countries provide universal health care for residents and citizens and even expats can be eligible for universal health insurance coverage in the event that they meet eligibility requirements, such as that of residency. However, even when you’re covered by universal healthcare in your country of residence however, there aren’t all medical procedures covered, so you can opt to purchase an insurance plan for expats policy for more coverage.

If you’re planning to relocation abroad, one of the most important aspects you need to consider is health insurance for expats. Like the name implies the term “expat health insurance” is intended to cover the medical expenses of those who reside or travel in another country.

In the end health insurance for expatriates functions similarly to health insurance coverage in your home country. You buy an insurance plan, choose the amount of coverage, and pay either monthly or annual cost. If you fall ill or have an accident your health insurance provider will pay for the hospitalization, medical treatment and medications up to the amount you’ve agreed upon.

Health Insurance Options for Expats
Based on the location you’re moving to, you’ll be able to choose from the following options when purchasing health insurance coverage:

Join the nation-wide (public) healthcare insurance plan. If you’re employed in a foreign country You pay into an insurance plan that is run by the government which then benefits from free or comparatively inexpensive public healthcare. This kind of health insurance scheme isn’t available in every country.
Get private health insurance through local companies. After you have arrived in the country you wish to visit you can buy the health insurance policy through a local business. The coverage is typically limited within the boundaries of that country.
Buy internationally-based health insurance. This kind of health insurance provides coverage for a variety of locations (or all over the world). It is the most popular kind of health insurance for expats specifically for those who travel or move frequently. It is possible to purchase International health insurance policy through Insubuy as well as International Citizens Insurance. They provide a wide array of plans designed for expats that meet the needs of family members and those who are on their own.
National Health Insurance for Expats
If the nation you’re planning to move into has a public health insurance scheme that you can participate in, as a resident, you’ll likely be able to avail it. National health insurance will cover treatment in public hospitals. Therefore, if you wish to receive treatment elsewhere, you must pay with your own wallet or enroll in an individual health insurance policy.

Example: Foreigners who are employed by Thailand automatically contribute to the public health insurance scheme by contributing to social security (taxes). This allows them to access specific public clinics and hospitals within Thailand and receive treatments and medical care. If they require treatment at one of the more prestigious privately-owned hospitals, they need to pay for it out of their own pocket or purchase an international or private expat health insurance plan.

Be aware that not all countries provide public health care So, before making a relocate, investigate and know about the benefits you can count on.

Private Health Insurance for Expats
Expats can buy an insurance plan for their health through a local business anytime after moving. Health insurance policies for private individuals will cover the treatment at both public and private hospitals, medical facilities, hospitalization surgery, etc.

They are skewed by the fact that they don’t provide emergency evacuation or return to your home country or medical care abroad.

International Health Insurance for Expats
International health insurance is exactly the similar to any other kind of medical insurance, but with an additional benefit: you are protected for medical treatments across a larger geographical area and even globally. This is the reason it’s popular for expats who travel often, or are constantly moving between different countries.

Furthermore, imagine that you are working in a country that has a less sophisticated medical system than the US. If you are in case of an emergency, you might need to fly back home to receive treatment. To do this, you’d require evacuation insurance, which many insurance companies in the local area do not provide. This is why US citizens who move abroad must get health insurance. Canadian citizens must buy additional health insurance overseas, too, as the current Canadian insurance doesn’t cover in the event of a move to another country, in the event of emergency situations.

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