Many thousands of HSBC customers in the UK are unable to use online banking services

Many thousands of HSBC customers reported being not able to access the bank’s online or mobile services during one of the most popular online shopping dates of the year – Thanksgiving.

More than 4,000 customers reported they could not log into their accounts through their HSBC application on Friday, as per Down detector which tracks and aggregates site outages and customer complaints.

At 11:11pm on Friday the bank made an announcement on X that “online and mobile banking services are getting back up and running for all our customers”.

It continued: “Once again we’re really sorry and we understand that this is a huge disappointment for the majority people who are our clients. Our team is working in the background to ensure that you get a complete recovery.”

The bank had earlier stated that the interruption had been “the result of an internal system issue” and that its services on apps and online were affected, along with card transactions online.

As the 24th of November is also the final day of November, this could also be payday time for some customers. One X user responded to the message from HSBC UK: “Literally the worst timing ever. People were paid, but are now paying bills.”

Another person wrote: “Got to move some money to buy a few Black Friday purchases (that I do not need). Perhaps it’s a warning!”

Users who use through the HSBC Mobile app reported presented with an email on Friday morning that said it was “performing a system upgrade to bring you a better banking experience”.

The disruption didn’t impact First Direct or M&S Bank customers.

HSBC which serves around 15 million customers across the UK it has declared that it would shut down a total of 114 branches across the nation in the coming year.

At the close of the year, the popular bank that said the closings were due in part to customers who have made the switch to online banking it will have 327 branches across the country that will be down from 590 branches in 2021.

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